Cover-of-The-Boy-in-the-Suitcase What better for a summer read than a Nordic noir thriller. Helping out a friend, Nina Borg, a Red Cross nurse and compulsive do-gooder, retrieves a battered suitcase from a train station locker and discovers that it contains a naked three-year-old boy. The child is drugged but alive. The questions are obvious: who is he, where is he from, who put him in the suitcase and why? When the child finally comes around, he refuses to talk. To find the answers, Borg risks her life, job and marriage.

Written in spare Scandinavian prose, the mystery thriller marks the literary debut of writing duo Lene Kaabebol and Agnete Friis, each a successful author in her own right. In Suitcase they take a critical look at issues of poverty and privilege, explore the lengths people will go for family and money and carry readers along on fast-action intrigue that crisscrosses borders between Western and Eastern Europe. Arrogance meets greed in a tale full of intricate but believable plot twists.

The Boy in the Suitcase won the Harald Morgensen Award for Best Danish Thriller and was a Barry Award nominee for Best First Novel.

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