TheDrifter.jpgPeter Ash is a troubled veteran and a classic hero, the kind of protagonist you admire from the start. He’s a good guy with a generous heart. He’s also a man burdened with painful memories from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and plagued by a claustrophobic, post-traumatic stress noise that he calls “white static.” The noise, which intensifies when he’s indoors for too long, keeps him sleeping under the stars as far from civilization as he can get.

After a Marine friend commits suicide, Ash heads his truck back to his native Milwaukee, where the widow and her kids live in one of the city’s less desirable neighborhoods. His troubles begin when he offers to repair their dilapidated front porch. In the musty, dark recesses beneath the rotting planks he finds a large snarling dog guarding a suitcase full of cash and explosives.

The discovery sets Ash on a perilous and relentless search for the truth about the source of the money and the real story behind his friend’s death. Weaving together the plight of the emotionally scarred veteran and themes taken from recent real-life events, Petrie creates a complex, fast-paced story of good versus evil.

The Drifter won both the Barry and the Thriller Awards for Best First Novel and was nominated for the Hammett Prize for Best Novel.  Petrie followed with Burning Bright, the second Peter Ash mystery thriller. Light It Up, the third volume in the series, will be published in January 2018.

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