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Contemporary – Fiction for who we are and the way we live. Stories that take on current issues, trends and challenges. Books about the kinds of people who might live next door.

Mystery – Any mystery will answer the question: who-done-it; a decent mystery will entertain as well but a really good mystery will provide insight into human character.

BIB Classics – Classics usually refers to the type of serious novels once consigned to high school English literature classes. Think Jane Eyre. Wurthering Heights. And anything by Henry James. BIB redefines Classics as books that break new ground, remain memorable long after the final page is turned, produce notable characters and capture the era of the story in understated but elegant simplicity, all in a way that elicits admiration and prompts imitation.

Non-fiction – Anything goes, as long as it’s interesting, well-written and timely.

Memoir – Stories so compelling that they must be told. And read.

Historical Fiction – Voices and stories that emerge from the past or depend on it for the framework of the tale. These are books that carry us back in time and allow us to sample life as we will never know it.